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Subject:   New Officer For CIRCARE
Date:   2002-10-20

CIRCARE announces that Paul Gelsinger has been elected Vice President of Citizens for Responsible Care and Research. Paul is active, in his own right, as a national advocate for protections of human subjects, particularly in the area of genetic research. Paul would like to add a few comments below on his decision to join CIRCARE and his hopes for the future.

Three years ago, being an active part of the research environment was the farthest thing from my mind. In September 1999 my son, Jesse, died as a direct result of a gene therapy clinical trial, a safety and efficacy study that offered him no long term benefit. Investigations into the reasons for his death uncovered areas of great concern for me. While the doctors and institution involved made serious ethical errors, I discovered that what happened was not that unusual. Non-reporting of serious adverse side effects in most of gene transfer research was widespread. I was and remain deeply disturbed by the financial influences exerted on researchers and our government. Belonging to CIRCARE has brought me a greater knowledge regarding the problems inherent in the human research endeavor, especially in the areas of informed consent, conflict of interest, and government oversight. I appreciate the opportunity given to me as vice-president, a position that should enable me to offer a stronger voice for the average person wishing to participate in research.

Michael A. Susko MS, CIRCARE President
(410) 499-4895

Paul Gelsinger, CIRCARE Vice President


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