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CIRCARE InfoMail 2002

CIRCARE periodically sends out important updates on human subject research in the CIRCARE InfoMail. Our InfoMail contains news and information about human research protection, CIRCARE position statements, press releases, and policy documents.

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2002-04-26   CIRCARE Issues Its Revised Mission Statement and the Debut of Its Web site

2002-05-09   OHRP Determination Letter Regarding Pediatric Death at the University of Chicago

2002-05-20   Maryland's Governor Glendening Signs House Bill 917 Into Law Enhancing Human Subject Protection in the State of Maryland

Additional Information:   Follow this link to read CIRCARE's testimony in support of Maryland H.B. 917, media coverage, and the full text of H.B 917.

2002-05-28   Concerns Regarding Death of 18 month old Daniella Rogers at St. Louis Children's Hospital

Additional Information:   Read our follow-up InfoMail of 2003-03-1 on the OHRP findings in Daniella's case.

Read the OHRP Determination Letter of 2003-01-04 to Washington University School of Medicine.

Visit the website set up by Daniella's parents in her memory: http://www.daniellarogers.org

2002-05-27   Concerns Regarding Nutritional Cure and Psychiatric Research

Additional /Updated Information:   Read the OHRP Determination Letter of 2002-08-19 to the University of Utah.

Follow this link to read documents released under FOIA and the Access To Information Act related to this research.

2002-08-13   Johns Hopkins University Determination Letter

Additional /Updated Information:   Trial and Errors. R. Krishnakumar. Frontline. 22(25):2005-11-08. Available from http://www.flonnet.com/fl2225/stories/20051216005102200.htm

An award and some claims. R. Krishnakumar. Frontline. 22(25):2005-11-08. Available from http://www.flonnet.com/fl2225/stories/20051216006402800.htm

'Johns Hopkins is committed to acting ethically, morally and legally.' R. Krishnakumar. Frontline. 22(25):2005-11-08. Available from http://www.flonnet.com/fl2225/stories/20051216005403000.htm

'Erimos has broadened the research.' R. Krishnakumar. Frontline. 22(25):2005-11-08. Available from http://www.flonnet.com/fl2225/stories/20051216004602400.htm

2002-09-04   National Human Research Protections Advisory Committee (NHRPAC) Disbanded

2002-09-17  California Assembly Bill No. 2328

2002-10-18   Research on Gene Transfer Therapy

2002-10-20   New Officer For CIRCARE


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