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CIRCARE InfoMail Index

CIRCARE periodically sends out important updates on human subject research in the CIRCARE InfoMail. Our InfoMail contains news and information about human research protection, CIRCARE position statements, press releases, and policy documents.

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InfoMail 2005-12-02:   Research Subjects and the Bloomberg News Report: Disturbing Allegations

InfoMail 2005-08-22:   CIRCARE Presentation to the Secretary's Advisory Committee for Human Research Protection (SACHRP)

InfoMail 2005-08-21:   CBS News Raises Issue of Research Subject Safety

InfoMail 2005-05-25:   Federal Guideline, if Enacted, Would Coerce Human Subjects into Clinical Trials Without Informed Consent

InfoMail 2005-04-14:   The Lack of Representation by Human Subjects, Their Families, and Advocacy Organizations in Advisory Bodies Entrusted with Ensuring Public Safety in Human Research

InfoMail 2005-02-14:   Lack of Effective Accountability in Research Deaths (Jesse Gelsinger's Requiem)

Selected CIRCARE InfoMails

A number of our earlier InfoMails were distributed with static links pointing to this page. It's impractical to attempt notification of changed URIs so we maintain the links here.

InfoMail 2002-06-27:   Concerns Regarding A Nutritional Cure

InfoMail 2004-02-02:   Testing Ecstasy on Subjects Diagnosed with PTSD and the Use of Internet Recruiting

Additional Information on the MAPS ecstacy research


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