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Table B: TACT Chelation Practitioner Principal Investigators With State Medical and Osteopathic Board Actions

Total as of 2013-02-06: 26

PI Name: Allen, Robert C., M.D.

Study Site: The Castle Clinic, Johnson City, TN 37601

Summary: 2006-01-24: Tennessee Board of Medical Examiners, Consent order; Dr. Allen was convicted of one count each of Driving under the Influence, Violation of the Implied Consent law and Evading Arrest all of which were misdemeanors. General Sessions Court of Washington County, Tennessee.

Documents: http://www.circare.org/tact/allen_20060124.pdf
Tennessee Board of Medical Examiners, Order of Summary Suspension, 2013-06-22: http://www.circare.org/tact/allen_20130622.pdf

PI Name: Bunch, Linda C., M.D.

Study Sites: Arkansas Center for Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Little Rock, AR; Northeast LA Anti–Aging and Wellness Center, West Monroe, LA

Summary: 2012-07-16: In the Matter of Linda C. Bunch, M.D. Louisiana State Board of Medical Examiners Consent Order 2012-07-16, arising from Linda C. Bunch, M.D. Criminal No. 10CR00198 USDC WDLA, Monroe Div., Judgment 2011-12-29

Documents: http://www.circare.org/pd/bunch_20120716.pdf

PI Name: Buttar, Rashid A., D.O.

Study Site: Advanced Concepts in Medicine, Cornelius, NC 28031

Summary: 2007-11-20: North Carolina Medical Board, Notice of Charges and Allegations; Notice of Hearing; multiple charges arising from providing allegedly ineffective treatment and overbilling of 3 patients with cancer. 2009-09-09, Notice of Charges and Allegations, rehearing on multiple charges arising from providing allegedly ineffective treatment and overbilling of 4 patients with cancer, inter alia. 2010-02-26, Consent Order.

Documents: Notice of Charges and Allegations 2007-11-20: http://www.circare.org/tact/buttar_20071120.pdf
Notice of Charges and Allegations 2009-09-09: http://www.circare.org/tact/buttar_20090909.pdf
Consent Order 2010-02-26: http://www.circare.org/tact/buttar_20100226.pdf
Rashid Ali Buttar, D.O., North Carolina Medical Board Public Actions. Accessed on 2010-04-09 at: http://wwwapps.ncmedboard.org/Clients/NCBOM/Public/LicenseeInformationDetails.aspx?&EntityID=66840&PublicFile=1

PI Name: Harold Eugene Buttram, M.D. *

Study Site: International Healing Ministries DBA Woodlands Healing Research Center, Quakertown, PA 18951

Summary: 1998-06-23: Pennsylvania State Board of Medicine, Consent Order and Agreement related to civil case for improper Medicare billing.

Documents: http://www.circare.org/pd/buttram_19980623.pdf

PI Name: Butts, Jeffrey L., D.O.

Study Site: Lake Travis Medical, Austin, TX 78734

Summary: Multiple board actions from 2000 onwards related but not limited to substance abuse.

Documents: Jeffrey L. Butts, D.O. Texas Medical Board Physician Profile. Accessed on 2010-04-09 at: http://tinyurl.com/yqehgd; or: http://reg.tmb.state.tx.us/OnLineVerif/Phys_SearchVerif.asp

PI Name: Calapai, Christopher L., D.O.

Study Site: CC Medical PC, East Meadow, NY 11554

Summary: 2004-12-15: New York State Board for Professional Medical Conduct, Nondisciplinary Order of Conditions issued pursuant to New York State Public Health Law Section 230.

Documents: http://www.circare.org/pd/calapai_20041215.pdf

PI Name: De Wet, Pieter, M.D.

Study Site: Tyler Total Wellness Center, Tyler, TX 75703

Summary: 2005-12-09, Texas Medical Board, Mediated Agreed Order: the board and Dr. de Wet entered into an agreed order assessing an administrative penalty of $1,000. The action was based on allegations that Dr. de Wet caused the dissemination of false, deceptive or misleading advertising concerning the benefits of chelation therapy;
2007-06-08, Texas Medical Board, Administrative Agreed Order: the board and Dr. de Wet entered into an administrative agreed order requiring that Dr. de Wet pay an administrative penalty of $500. The action was based on advertising that he was board certified by the American Board of Holistic Medicine (ABHM) even though the ABHM is not a member board of the American Board of Medical Specialties, the Bureau of Osteopathic Specialists, or the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons.

Documents: Mediated Agreed Order 2005-12-09: http://www.circare.org/tact/dewet_20051209.pdf
Administrative Agreed Order 2007-06-08: http://www.circare.org/tact/dewet_20070608.pdf

PI Name: Fleming, Richard M., M.D.

Study Site: The Camelot Foundation, Omaha, NE 68114

Summary: 2010-02-04: The Iowa board charged Dr. Fleming with being convicted of a felony related to the practice of medicine and engaging in a pattern of unethical or unprofessional conduct in the practice of medicine. A hearing has been scheduled on April 29, 2010. 2010-01-06: petition for disciplinary action filed by the Nebraska Department of Health & Human Services.

Documents: Before the Iowa Board of Medicine In the Matter of Charges Against Richard M. Fleming, M.D. Statement of Charges 2010-02-04. Accessed on 2010-04-09 at: http://medicalboard.iowa.gov/Legal/Fleming,RichardM.,M.D.-02-2009-283.pdf
Press Release Iowa Board of Medicine February 12, 2010: http://medicalboard.iowa.gov/Press/2010/02_12_2010.pdf
Nebraska Department of Health & Human Services, Richard M. Fleming, M.D. License Details 2010-01-06: http://tinyurl.com/2wdhjr
Follow this link for documents from the criminal case against Dr. Fleming: http://www.circare.org/tact/tact_pilegaltable.htm

PI Name: Golden, Patrick Allen, M.D.

Study Site: Patrick A. Golden, M.D., Fresno, CA 93720

Summary: 2007-12-27: The Medical Board of California found Dr. Golden grossly negligent in the care and treatment of one patient when he placed the patient on anticoagulant therapy despite contraindications to the therapy. Dr. Golden's license was revoked and stayed in favor of five years probation with terms and conditions including but not limited to completing a clinical training program and a prescribing practices training program, and obtaining a practice monitor.

Documents: http://www.circare.org/pd/golden_20071227.pdf

PI Name: Grossman, Terry A., M.D.

Study Site: Frontier Medical Institute, Denver, CO 80401

Summary: 2005-01-12: Colorado State Board of Medical Examiners, Letter of Admonition for failure to supervise unlicensed personnel.

Documents: http://www.circare.org/tact/grossman_20050112.pdf

PI Name: Grudzien, Zbigniew, M., M.D.

Study Site: Hope Medical Holistic Clinic PLLC, Vancouver, WA

Summary: 2014-02-04: Washington State Medical Quality Assurance Commission, Statement of Charges, substandard care rendered to 7 patients.

Documents: http://www.circare.org/tact/grudzien-charges_2014.pdf
Washington State Medical Quality Assurance Commission, Findings of Fact, Conclusions of Law, and Final Order 2015-03-13: http://www.circare.org/tact/grudzien-order_2015.pdf
Trial to Assess Chelation Therapy (TACT) 7U01HL092607 Audit Response Lamas, G.A. Memo RE: Medicaid Audit of TACT Investigator Dr. Zbigniew Grudzien, M.D. 2011-03-14: http://www.circare.org/tact/7U01HL092607_audit_response_20110314.pdf

PI Name: Johnson, James Cameron, D.O.

Study Site: Advanced Family Medicine, Grove City, OH 43123

Summary: 2007-12-12, Medical Board of Ohio, consent agreement: Medical license suspended for at least 180 days; interim monitoring conditions and conditions for reinstatement established, including requirement that doctor enter into subsequent consent agreement incorporating probationary terms, conditions, and limitations to monitor practice. Based on doctor's admitted diagnosis of chemical dependency (alcohol), for which doctor has sought treatment through a Board-approved provider; and on doctor's admitted inappropriate relationship with a patient.

Documents: http://www.circare.org/pd/johnson_20071212.pdf

PI Name: Hatlestad, Christopher Lien, M.D.

Study Site: Center for Environmental Medicine, Portland, OR

Summary: 2013-01-10 Stipulated Order agreeing to reprimand, probation with terms and conditions in response to charges of unprofessional or dishonorable conduct and gross or repeated negligence in the practice of medicine

Documents: http://www.circare.org/tact/hatlestad_20130110.pdf


PI Name: Paulson Kotturan, M.D.

Study Site: Hillsboro Family Medicine, Deerfield Beach, FL 33441

Summary: 2002-06-06 Florida Board of Medicine Final Order, reprimand, fine, and assessment of costs in response to charge of falsifying chart notes

Documents: http://www.circare.org/pd/kotturan_finalorder_20020606.pdf

PI Name: Ivan T. Krohn, M.D.

Study Site: Longevity Medical, PC, South Amboy, NJ 08879

Summary: 2011-02-10: New Jersey State Board of Medical Examiners In the Matter of the Suspension or Revocation of the License of Ivan T. Krohn, M.D. To Practice Medicine and Surgery in the State of New Jersey. Consent Order of Revocation

Documents: http://www.circare.org/pd/krohn_20110210.pdf

PI Name: Kraucak, Nelson, M.D.

Study Site: Life Family Practice Center, The Villages, FL 32159

Summary: 2003-02-26: Florida Board of Medicine, Final Order, Consent Agreement; letter of concern, costs re: guilty plea to one count of violation of Title 26 USC § 7206, filing a false tax return. United States of America vs. Nelson Kraucak, Case no.: 8:02-CR-1-T-17TBM. United States District Court, Middle District of Florida, Tampa Division. 2002-06-14.

Documents: http://www.circare.org/tact/kraucak_20030226.pdf

PI Name: McCombs, Ann B., D.O.

Study Site: The Center for Optimal Health, Bellevue, WA 98004

Summary: 2010-03-19: Washington State Board of Osteopathic Medicine and Surgery, Stipulation to Informal Disposition, probation with terms and conditions, costs re: allegations that a) licensee permitted an an uncredentialed employee to draw blood, inject patients, and perform intravenous therapies, and b) licensee advertised she was board certified in pain management when she was not.

Documents: http://www.circare.org/pd/mccombs_20100319.pdf

PI Name: Mehl–Madrona, Louis, M.D.

Study Site: Coyote Healing Center, Tuscon, AZ 85715

Summary: 2005-06-08: Arizona Medical Board, Reprimand and advisory on boundary issues; probation with conditions.

Documents: Arizona Medical Board Meeting Minutes 2005-06-08. Accessed on 2010-04-09 at: http://www.azmd.gov/minutes/pdf/2005_06_08_MD_RM_MIN_923113182005.pdf

PI Name: Menashe, Richard B., D.O.

Study Site: Edison Medical Nutrition Center, Edison, NJ 08837

Summary: 2002-07-23, New Jersey State Board of Medical Examiners, Reprimand; NJ Disciplinary Action Summary: 07/23/02 Consent Order Filed Today. Respondent has and shall continue to cease and desist from selling or dispensing vitamins and nutrional supplements. He has agreed to a civil penalty of $5,000.00 and investigative costs of $1,724.36 And he shall successfully complete an Ethics Course.

Documents: http://www.circare.org/pd/menashe_20020723.pdf

PI Name: Merritt, Dorothy F., M.D.

Study Site: Chelation Centers of Texas, Texas City, TX 77591

Summary: 2005-08-26, Texas Medical Board, Agreed Order: the board and Dr. Merritt entered into an agreed order requiring Dr. Merritt to print a retraction of advertisements that were false, misleading or deceptive that she previously disseminated on chelation therapy and the biomeridian device; to complete a 10-hour course in ethics or advertising and assessing an administrative penalty of $3,000. The action was based on allegations that Dr. merritt disseminated an advertisement that was misleading as to the advantages of chelation therapy, her credentials and the biomeridian testing device;
2008-08-26, Texas Medical Board, Order Imposing Administrative Penalty: the board and Dorothy Francoeur Merritt, M.D. entered a ministerial order imposing administrative penalty imposing administrative fine of $1000 for using misleading advertising.

Documents: Order Imposing Administrative Penalty 2008-08-26: http://www.circare.org/tact/merritt_20080829.pdf
Agreed Order 2005-08-26: http://www.circare.org/tact/merritt_20050826.pdf

PI Name: Oblena, Jose M., M.D.

Study Site: Wellness Center of Anniston, Anniston, AL 36201

Summary: 2004-08-26: Alabama State Board of Medical Examiners, Order reinstating unrestricted Alabama Controlled Substances Certificate re: previous voluntary surrender of DEA license for alleged failure to comply with federal requirements pertaining to controlled substances.

Documents: http://www.circare.org/tact/oblena_20040826.pdf

PI Name: Oenbrink, Raymond J., D.O.

Study Site: Tequesta Family Practice, Tequesta, FL 33469

Summary: 2009-08-14: The North Carolina Medical Board issued a public letter of concern arising from Dr. Oenbrink's failure to accurately answer two questions on his application for North Carolina medical licensure. Dr. Oebrink failed to disclose the following in his application: existence of a complaint filed with the Florida Osteopathic Board, and denial of certain privileges by a Florida hospital.

Documents: http://www.circare.org/pd/oenbrink_20090814.pdf
North Carolina Medical Board Findings of Fact, Conclusions of Law and Order 2014-09-14: http://www.circare.org/tact/oenbrink-20140914.pdf

PI Name: Reimer, Donald Eugene, M.D.

Study Site: Bircher Chiropractic and Wellness Center, Eau Claire, WI

Summary: 2012-09-19: reprimand, stipulation with terms and conditions for charges of repeatedly prescribing pain medications to people who weren't legitimate patients

Documents: State of Wisconsin Before the Medical Examining Board In the Matter of Disciplinary Proceedings Against Donald Eugene Riemer, M.D. Final Decision and Order 2012-09-19: http://www.circare.org/tact/riemer_20120919.pdf

PI Name: Roberts, Carol L., M.D.

Study Site: Wellness Works, Brandon, FL

Summary: 2011-06-23: Charges related to outbreak of Hepatitis C at Wellness Works

Documents: Carol L. Roberts, M.D. Florida Board of Medicine Administrative Complaint Case No. 2009-18475 2011-06-23: http://www.circare.org/pd/roberts_2009-18475.pdf
Carol L. Roberts, M.D. Florida Board of Medicine Administrative Complaint Case No. 2010-03687 2011-06-23: http://www.circare.org/pd/roberts_2010-03687.pdf
Carol L. Roberts, M.D. Florida Board of Medicine Final Order, reprimand, fine, restriction on practice pending completion of required CME 2012-10-25: http://ww2.doh.state.fl.us/DocServiceMngr/GetImage.aspx?documentid=MTY1Mjg2MDM=&enc=1

PI Name: Rozema, Theodore C., M.D.

Study Site: Biogenesis Medical Center, Landrum, SC 29356

Summary: 1990-01-29: Board of Medical Examiners of the State of North Carolina, license suspended stayed after six weeks with conditions following Final Order of State Board of Medical Examiners of South Carolina suspending license indefinitely (Pre-signing blank prescriptions);
1978-10-12: Board of Medical Examiners of the State of North Carolina, license revoked following criminal conviction; stayed on condition of three years good conduct.

Documents: Theodore C. Rozema, M.D. North Carolina Medical Board Public Actions. Accessed on 2010-04-09 at: http://wwwapps.ncmedboard.org/Clients/NCBOM/Public/Licensee_Details.aspx?&EntityID=67173&PublicFile=1


PI Name: Sica, Robban A., M.D.

Study Site: Center for the Healing Arts, Orange, CT 06477

Summary: 2005-02-15: Connecticut Medical Examining Board, Consent Order for failing to meet the standard of care in use of EDTA chelation therapy and use of unapproved drug (DMPS);
2002-01-17: New York State Board for Professional Medical Conduct, Consent Agreement and Order; for professional misconduct by reason of directly or indirectly receiving or agreeing to receive a fee or other consideration from third party in connection with the performance of professional services;
2012-06-20: Connecticut Medical Examining Board Memorandum of Decision for violation of consent order dated 2005-02-15, use of unapproved drug DMPS.

Connecticut Medical Examining Board: http://www.circare.org/tact/sica_20050215.pdf
New York State Board for Professional Medical Conduct: http://w3.health.state.ny.us/opmc/factions.nsf/58220a7f9eeaafab85256b180058c032/b64f4476587d526085256b49005ede45?OpenDocument
Connecticut Medical Examining Board Memorandum of Decision 2012-06-20: http://www.circare.org/pd/sica_20120620.pdf

PI Name: Slingluff, Jack E., D.O.

Study Site: Lake Cable Medical Center, Canton, OH 44718

Summary: 2004-11-10: State Medical Board of Ohio, License suspension subject to terms and conditions upon pleading guilty on 2004-03-16 in USA vs. Jack Edwin Slingluff DO. Case No. 4:04CR074. United States District Court for the Northern District of Ohio. Eastern Division. (Title 21 USC § 331(a)(1) Introduction of unapproved new drug [Laetrile]). 2004-12-10. Appeal. Franklin County Court of Common Pleas. 2005-08-18. State Medical Board of Ohio order upheld. 2005-09-01. Case No. 04CVF-12-12991. 2006-07-13: Appeal filed with Court of Appeals of Franklin County Ohio, Tenth Appellant District, board order upheld. 2006-12-13: Ohio Supreme Court dismissed the doctor's appeal of the 10th District Court of Appeals decision upholding the Board's 11/10/04 suspension of the doctor's medical license.

Documents: http://www.circare.org/tact/slingluff.pdf

PI Name: Smith, Larry L., D.O.

Study Site: Alternative Health Center, Englewood, FL 34224

Summary: 2010-04-14: State Medical Board of Ohio, Notice of Opportunity for Hearing RE: allegations of sexual improprieties;
2010-03-10: State Medical Board of Ohio, Notice of Opportunity for Hearing RE: guilty plea to one first degree misdemeanor count of Label Required in the Court of Common Pleas for Mahoning County, Ohio;
2000-09-13: State Medical Board of Ohio, Reprimand for conviction on 25 counts of unlicensed practice of osteopathy. 2002-03-21: Reversed on appeal.

Documents: http://www.circare.org/pd/smith_20100414.pdf

* Tentative identification

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