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EmpowerPlus Research

The Problem: between 1997 and 2001, Bonnie Kaplan, PhD conducted eight clinical trials (one of which was terminated by Health Canada) and obtained REB (Research Ethics Board, the Canadian equivalent of an IRB) approval or funding for an additional five clinical trials to test EmpowerPlus on adult and pediatric research subjects diagnosed with severe psychiatric disorders, or in the case of two trials, subjects diagnosed with fibromyalgia. In several instances, the conduct of these trials appears to have compromised the rights and welfare of the research subjects. The federal and institutional regulatory safeguards that should have protected the human subjects in these trials seem to be largely ineffective.

Comprehensive document index (under construction 2005-02-06)

Some the more harrowing things to emerge from the documents released under the Access to Information Act

IRB and REB Follies?

[Mis]Informed Consents?


Regulatory Dyslexia?

Slovenly Housekeeping?

Likely these conditions may strike the reader as implausible, so we'll let the documents speak for themselves.

Editorial comments are in gray Arial font to help readers distinguish fact – the FOIA documents themselves – from our opinion of their content


Background Information

Index of Documents

Section I, including:

Section II, including:

Section III — Clinical Trials, including:

Section IV — ATIP I, including:

Section V — ATIP II, including:

Section VI — Canadian Government, including:

Section VII — Related Information, including:

what's new Section VIII — Health Canada ATIP A200800462, including:


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