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Federal Legislation on Human Research Protections

Proposed Federal Legislation

Steps in the Right Direction

The National Institutes of Health Office of Legislative Policy and Analysis maintains an excellent index of summaries of proposed legislation likely to affect NIH. Available from http://olpa.od.nih.gov/legislation/


Steps in the Wrong Direction

H.R. 2085 and S 1410 are the latest proposed bills in the perennial attempt to remove what little protection HHS and FDA afford human subjects and further restrict existing flimsy mechanisms for enforcing accountability in research. The bills are giant steps in the wrong direction.

A sensible overview of the issues: Mills C. Mainstreaming the Alternatives When Complementary and Alternative Medicines Become Westernized. 13 Alb. L.J. Sci. and Tech. 775.

Voice Your Opinion

Let your elected representatives know the protection of humans in research is important to you and why. The web links below will take you to the online directories of the US Senate and the US House of Representatives respectively; the search boxes will locate your senator or congressional representative by zip code. This service is courtesy of Capitol Advantage *

Get Involved

Use these resources to get involved and find more information about your elected representatives, track bills, and follow issues at the state and federal level.

* CIRCARE is not affiliated with Capitol Advantage and our use of Capital Advantage's forms on this web page does not constitute advertising or endorsement. Capital Advantage makes valuable services available to the public and we're pleased to provide them to people visiting our web site.


Last Updated: 2008-10-17

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