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Phase I Research Clinics

2008-01-01: We appreciate your patience while we work on this page.

AAIPharm :: Research Triangle, NC; 158 beds: http://www.aaipharma.com/aaiportal/SERVICES/Clinical/PhaseIIIA/tabid/125/Default.aspx

Acclaim Pharma Research Inc. :: London, ON; 10 beds: http://www.acclaimpharma.com/index.htm

Algorithme Pharma :: Toronto, ON; 200 beds: http://www.algopharm.com/

Algorithme Pharma IRB: http://www.algopharm.com/index/en/node/39

Helpful information: I won't deny that participating one study paid for my flat screen!

Source: http://www.algopharm.com/index/en/volunteers/

Allied Research International :: Toronto and Miami; 180 beds; acquired by Cetero Research in 2007: http://www.allied-research.com/

Miami phase I-II facility: http://www.allied-research.com/services/earlydevelopment/miamiunit.aspx

Environmental Exposure chamber: http://www.allied-research.com/services/eec.aspx
More: http://web.archive.org/web/20060311232629/http://www.allied-research.com/facility7.html

Eight bed unit in Toronto: http://web.archive.org/web/20060311233042/http://www.allied-research.com/facility2.html

Anapharm :: Toronto, ON, Montreal, and Quebec; 350 beds; 150 additional beds under construction: http://www.anapharm.com/

Bio–Kinetic Clinical Applications Inc. :: Springfield, MO; 240 beds: http://www.bkcaus.com/

Bio–Kinetic IRB: http://www.bkcaus.com/faqs.html

Bio Pharma Services Inc. :: Toronto, ON; 158 beds: http://www.biopharmaservices.ca/index.htm

Biovail Contract Research :: Toronto, ON; 200 beds: http://www.biovail-cro.com/

California Clinical Trials :: 4 sites in CA; acquired by Parexel in 2006: http://www.cctrials.com/facilities/index.php

Cedra Clinical Research LLC :: Austin, TX; 300 beds: http://www.cedraresearch.com/

Recruiting slogan: We want you. Healthy.

Cetero Research :: multiple locations; 1700 beds: http://www.cetero.com/

Comprehensive Neuroscience :: Multiple sites: http://www.cnswebsite.com/comprehensive-phase-one.html

Covance Clinical Research Unit(s) :: Multiple sites: http://www.testwiththebest.com/main.php

Gateway Medical Research :: St. Charles, MO; 500 beds; acquired by Cetero Research in 2006: https://www.gatewaymedical.com/index.asp?display=home

Hawking humans: Gateway also reaps the benefits of a solid, midwestern work ethic. This translates into very reliable and stable subjects willing to complete even the longest and most difficult programs. Our reliable, clean cut midwestern subject population has resulted in a large subject pool of dependable and healthy adults.

Source: https://www.gatewaymedical.com/index.asp?display=tour&div=participant%20accomodations

Healthcare Discoveries, Inc., A division of Catalyst Pharma Group Inc. :: San Antonio, TX; 100 beds: http://www.healthcare-discoveries.com/staff.html

Lotus Clinical Research, LLC :: Pasadena, CA; 50 beds: http://www.lotuscr.com/

Lifetree Clinical Research :: Salt Lake City, UT 60 beds: http://www.lifetreeresearch.com/ On 2011-01-12 Lifetree Clinical Research was acquired by CRI Worldwide, LLC: http://www.lifetreeresearch.com/pdfs/news/LTPressReleaseGeneral11211_final.pdf

MDS Pharma Services Inc. :: Lincoln, NE, Neptune, NJ, additional sites; 800 beds: http://www.mdsparticipants.com/

Role of Study Participant: http://www.mdsparticipants.com/role_study_participant.html


Northwest Kinetics :: Tacoma, WA. 135 beds; acquired by Charles River in 2006: http://www.nwkinetics.com/

Northwest Kinetics FAQs: http://www.nwkinetics.com/faqs.htm

Are there risks to participating in pharmaceutical trials?

There is an element of risk to everything, including walking across the street or driving to the grocery store, therefore the answer is yes. However, we reduce the risks as much as possible.

All clinical trials in the United States must be approved by an independent review group (called an Investigational Review Board, or IRB). The IRB is responsible for evaluating the ethics of the trial and to ensure that subjects' rights and welfare are protected. The IRB is comprised of respected individuals from a number of institutions who are independent and have no direct interest or participation in the study. They may review the data while a clinical trial is in progress to assess safety considerations.

Although we cannot eliminate all risk, a fundamental ethical requirement for any investigator is to conduct the clinical trial with adequate safety provided for all of the participants.

Northwest Kinetics extols the experience and qualifications of principal investigators who apparently have no names: http://www.nwkinetics.com/staffexperience.htm

Novum Pharmaceutical Services, Inc. :: Pittsburgh, PA; 9 sites, 240 beds: http://www.novumprs.com/Houston/fshouston.htm

Novum Independent Institutional Review Board: http://www.novumprs.com/Houston/fsclient.htm

Parexel International :: Various locations; 5 sites, 550 beds: http://www.parexel.com/early_phase/clinical_pharmacology_sites.html

Pfizer New Haven Clinical Research Unit :: New Haven, CT; 50 beds: http://www.newhavencru.com/

Study advertisements: http://www.newhavencru.com/current_studies.htm
Volunteer for a Clinical Research Study Earn up to $7000: http://www.newhavencru.com/images/A7081011.gif
Volunteer for a Clinical Research Study Earn up to $7000: http://www.newhavencru.com/images/A8801001-Ad-no-dates.gif
Volunteer for a Clinical Research Study Earn up to $3000: http://www.newhavencru.com/images/A9131001_Cohort.gif
Volunteer for a Clinical Research Study Earn up to $2800: http://www.newhavencru.com/images/A9001351Approved_Ad_clean_v.gif
Volunteer for a Clinical Research Study Earn up to $3200: http://www.newhavencru.com/images/A7081005_Approved_Ad_clean_.gif
Volunteer for a Clinical Research Study Earn up to $2000: http://www.newhavencru.com/images/CRU-A9001292(Group-2)-IRB-2.gif

Pharma Medica Inc. :: Mississauga, ON; 160 beds: http://www.pharmamedica.com/

PPD :: Austin, TX; 360 beds: http://www.ppdi.com/study_volunteers/phase_i_clinic/

RCRC IRB: http://www.rcrcirb.com/

PRACS Institute :: East Grand Forks and Fargo, ND; 600 beds; acquired by Cetero Research in 2006: http://www.pracs.com/about/index.html

PRACS Institute IRB: http://www.pracs.com/about/volunteer.html

Qualia Clinical Services, Inc. A subsidiary of Holmes Biopharma Inc. :: Omaha, NE; 160 beds: http://www.qualiaclinical.com/facility_photos.html

Quintiles Transnational :: Lenexa, KS; 50 beds: http://www.qpatient.com/ParticipatingInStudy/Healthy+Volunteers/Lenexa-Kansas.htm

Quintiles Central IRB, Heartland IRB: http://www.heartlandirb.com/about.html

West Coast Clinical Trials :: Long Beach, CA; 60-200 beds: http://www.wcctrials.com/

West Coast Clinical Trials recruits healthy Japanese subjects for studies to support drug marketing applications in Japan: http://www.wcctrials.com/typesofcurrentstudies.HTM

Facilities: http://www.wcctrials.com/WCCTCapabilityHighlights.pdf


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