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Research Protections and Bioethics News January, 2004

NB: Not all articles remain available on the internet.

Blinkered View: Third World Medical Researchers Get Short Shrift. Keya Acharya. India Resource Center. 2004-01-31.
URL: http://www.corpwatchindia.org/issues/globalization/2004/blinkeredview.html

3 resign from U of S ethics board in protest. CBC Saskatchewan. 2004-01-27.
URL: http://sask.cbc.ca/regional/servlet/View?filename=research_ethics040127

Study says parents confused on treatment. Lindsey Tanner. Associated Press. 2004-01-27.
URL: http://apnews.myway.com/article/20040127/D80BD3481.html

Trials: For the sake of others. Sandra G. Boodman. The Washington Post. 2004-01-27.
URL: http://www. washingtonpost.com/ac2/wp-dyn/A50484-2004Jan26?language=printer (Requires free registration.)

NIH Directors No Longer Drug Firm Consultants. David Willman and Jon Marino. The Los Angeles Times. 2004-01-23.
URL: http://story.news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=story&u=/latimes_ts /20040123/ts_latimes/nihdirectorsnolongerdrugfirmconsultants

Study Devalues a Popular Idea on Evaluating Clinical Trials. Gina Kolata. The New York Times. 2004-01-23.
URL: http://www. nytimes.com/2004/01/23/health/23CANC.html?pagewanted=print&position= (Requires free registration.)

HIV experts pan trial. Seattle Times. 2004-01-16.
URL: http://tinyurl.com/2npyy

No legal protection for clinical trials. Donny Dithato. Mmegi Online. 2004-01-14.
URL: http://www.mmegi.bw/2004/ January/Wednesday14/673419950719.html

NIH Revises Conflict Rules. Ted Agres. The Scientist. 2004-01-12.
URL: http://www.biomedcentral.com/news/20040112/ 01/

Tuskegee re-examined. Richard Shweder. Spiked Online. 2004-01-08.
URL: http://www.spiked-online.com/ Articles/0000000CA34A.htm

Law soon to protect HIV trial participants. Fakir Balaji. Health News India. 2004-01-07.
URL: http://www.newkerala.com/news-daily/news/features.php?action=fullnews&showcomments=1&id=4079

HHS Regulations Planned for Early 2004 Include Mandatory IRB Registration System. Medical Research Law & Policy Report / Bureau of National Affairs. 2004-01.
URL: http://healthcenter.bna .com/pic2/hc.nsf/id/BNAP-5V5SWX?OpenDocument


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