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CIRCARE Web Site Credits and Acknowledgments

Non-Commercial Products and Services

Text-only versions of our web pages are created by the Betsie Program courtesy of the British Broadcasting Corporation.

We avoid SPAM to email addresses posted on our web site with The Enkoder program (online version) by Dan Benjamin at Hivelogic

WWW search capacity is courtesy of Google Public Service Search provided by Google™

Translation of web pages from English to French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish uses resources provided by Google™

We provide links to relevant legal cases with notes or other aids for interpretation from the Medical and Public Health Law Site Material on the Medical and Public Health Law Site is published and maintained by Edward Richards III, JD, MPH, The Paul M. Herbert Law Center, Louisiana State University.

2009-11-17: link not working. The On-Line Medical Dictionary is courtesy of The CancerWeb Project Published at the Dept. of Medical Oncology, University of Newcastle upon Tyne. © 1997-2003. All Rights Reserved.

The legal dictionary search form is a free service provided by Law.com

We provide links to legal opinions published or posted by FindLaw.com

The small graphics offered on the CIRCARE Link page were made with the Button Maker from the Kalsey Consulting Group

We validate our web pages with the W3C Markup Validation Service provided by W3C The World Wide Web Consortium

Commercial Products and Services

The Adobe® Reader and Adobe® Access programs and trademarks are the property of Adobe Systems Incorporated

CIRCARE found a great bookkeeper through Bookminders® (Service area: Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, South Jersey, and Washington, D.C.)

The CIRCARE web site uses the Fluid Dynamics Search Engine by Zoltan Milosevic and The Fluid Dynamic Software Corporation

Our web pages are created with Dreamweaver® MX from Adobe Systems Incorporated on a MAC (of course).

Printer-friendly versions of our web pages are generated by Master PHP from Bontrager Connection LLC

For unparalleled service, technical support, and patience, CIRCARE relies on 10Types for ISP and web hosting.

We love DriveSavers Data Recovery (Lesson: back up files religiously. Then do it again.)

General Information

The CIRCARE logo is the property of Citizens for Responsible Care and Research, Inc. Elizabeth Woeckner built and maintains this web site. Direct comments or questions to her through the Webmaster email link at the foot of each page on our web site. For web site design suggestions, cascading stylesheet tips, examples, and inspiration, Elizabeth is grateful for resources offered on the following web sites. Any infelicities or mistakes are of course her fault.

Several of the buttons that grace our page footers are courtesy of Taylor McKnight

None of these acknowledgments constitute paid advertising where they pertain to commercial products and services. A number of individuals and non–commercial organizations devote significant time and effort to making high quality tools, tutorials, information, and examples freely available on the internet. It's our pleasure to thank them here.

Ownership and copyright of third–party material reproduced on this web site is held by the owner as cited. Material on this site is © CIRCARE Incorporated (2002- ) unless otherwise indicated. Single copies can be downloaded for personal education.

If you'd like to distribute multiple copies of material we've written or include our material in a packet please send us a note or email; we're pleased when people find our material useful and feedback, both positive and negative, helps us refine our work to achieve CIRCARE's mission.

Please direct related questions to the webmaster through the Webmaster email link at the foot of any page on this web site. We encourage people to link to our web site.

Our web pages are not optimized for particular web browsers.

Last Updated: 2010-02-06

If you find the information on this page helpful please support CIRCARE with a tax–deductible contribution today. Because CIRCARE doesn't accept funds from pharmaceutical or medical device manufacturers, we depend on contributions from individuals like you to help us advocate for meaningful protection of human subjects in research. Donating online with PayPal is quick and easy. Find out more on our Support page

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