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CIRCARE InfoMail 2004

CIRCARE periodically sends out important updates on human subject research in the CIRCARE InfoMail. Our InfoMail contains news and information about human research protection, CIRCARE position statements, press releases, and policy documents.

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2004-02-02 Testing Ecstasy on Subjects Diagnosed with PTSD and the Use of Internet Recruiting

Follow this link to find additional information on the MAPS ecstacy research.

2004-02-25 Relabeling ECT as a Low Risk Device Without Appropriate Research

Correction 2004-09-28: The CIRCARE InfoMail of 2004-02-25 reported inaccurate information. FDA had no plans to re-classify this device. Read FDA's letter in response to the citizen's petition (Docket No. 2003P-0555):

Kahan L. Letter to L. Andre re: Docket No. 2003P-0555. 2004-09-03. Available from http://www.fda.gov/ohrms/dockets/dailys/04/sep04/091504/03p-0555-let00002-vol2.pdf

2004-03-12 The Creation of a Database for Recording Adverse Events in Genetic Studies

2004-07-15 Neglect of Reporting Adverse Events

2004-08-09 An Ethical AIDS Study? The Use of Non-Standard Care

2004-10-16 Regarding the Failure of the Public Safety System For Drug Testing in the Case of Vioxx

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